Therapeutic Coaching

Dr. Jodi Peary’s Model of Therapeutic Coaching for Individuals and Couples is pragmatic, solution-oriented, compassionate, and heart-centered.

Our work together will provide you with insight which we will apply to the context of your life to create actionable steps toward your achieving an authentic, good, and meaningful life.

Therapeutic coaching is for individuals and couples who…

  • Seek to find their way out of the darkness of conflict.
  • Seek to reconnect with their authentic selves or the love they experienced at the beginning of their relationship.
  • Seek to build relationships and communities in which to thrive.

Therapeutic coaching is for individuals and couples who need support because they are experiencing...

  • Feelings of pain, loneliness, isolation, or betrayal.
  • Uncertainty regarding their relationships.
  • The challenges of being in a relationship with a partner who suffers from mental health, addiction, or personality disorders such as narcissistic personality disorder.

Therapeutic coaching is for individuals and couples who…

  • Live co-dependently.
  • Feel stuck in the past.
  • Experience anxiety and depression.

The Therapeutic Coaching Process

Therapeutic coaching is a multi-disciplinary path toward well-being that integrates a unique blend of tools from a number of different disciplines including Behavioral Approaches, Financial Therapy, Psychological Approaches, Counseling Interventions, Family Systems and Attachment Theories, Developmental Psychology, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Approaches, Emotion Focused Therapy, Communication and Conflict Resolution Strategies, Financial Therapy, Legal Strategizing, Coaching, Collaborative Law, and Mediation.  

We will work together in a personal, mindful, and heart-centered way. I will be by your side and help you by combining my experience and expertise as a family psychologist, psychology researcher, and former family lawyer. You will have the support you need to discover insights and create growth for yourself individually or in relationships.

My therapeutic coaching process will :

  • Inspire and encourage you to gain flexibility in your thinking
  • Give you the tools to acquire new ways of coping, adapting, and problem-solving
  • Bring you healing for yourself individually or as a couple
  • Help you to develop the confidence to create and live the life you were meant to live

During the therapeutic coaching process, we will work together to enable you to dissolve blocks, heal old wounds, and bring excitement and creativity to your life.

Therapeutic coaching is available online to you wherever you are in the world. My secure video link is HIPPA compliant and meets the rigorous standards of the American Psychological Association.