As a parent, you have likely experienced concern, fear, and anxiety regarding how your children may be impacted by divorce. You want to continue providing your children with a healthy and happy childhood and to give them the tools they need to build resilience. 

Enlightened Co-Parenting™ is a holistic model for co-parenting in a way that is healthiest for children and minimizes the stress of co-parenting for parents. The most efficient way to learn the Enlightened Co-Parenting™ model is to take the online course I created. 

The Enlightened Co-Parenting™ course guides you along a journey to improve the relationship with your co-parent, deepen your relationship with your children, and to reconnect with your self and engage in self-care.  All 3 relationships, co-parent to co-parent, parent to child, and parent to self, are focused on in this course as all 3 are essential to enlightened co-parenting. The Enlightened CoParenting model applies to a wide range of families and situations.

The Five Pillars of Enlightened Co-Parenting™

  1. Create new roles and communication patterns between co-parents to open our minds to learning about creative ways to tap into well-being for ourselves and our children, and to evoke a mindfulness approach.
  2. Use research-based co-parenting methods to provide children with security and to minimize the harm that divorce can cause.
  3. Increase emotional intelligence in children to foster resilience, conflict resolution skills, and to provide a model of healthy relationships.
  4. Learn specific communication and negotiation strategies you can use to work through challenges and disagreements.
  5. Reconnect with your best self so that you are on the path to emerging from divorce happy and whole.

You will learn not only how to co-parent in a way that supports children but why the methods are so powerful. In Module 2 of the course, we discuss in clear and concise terms the research concerning children and divorce and the impacts of a high-conflict divorce.

Some of the characteristics of high conflict co-parenting relationships will surprise you but shedding light upon them quickly leads to ro understanding. 

You will learn:

  • How to minimize factors that hinder healthy development 
  • How to maximize your child's strengths. 
  • Simple ways to avoid the conflict land mines and anxiety-producing parenting behaviors,
  • To understand the risks of high conflict to children,
  • To understand the way engaging in a high conflict relationship with your ex also limits and postpones your own divorce recovery.

Module 3 of Enlightened Co-Parenting™ is the heart of the course. This is where we experience not only the details of the model but how to get in touch with the model in an authentic and intuitive way. This section is filled with specific tools you can use to immediately begin Enlightened Co-Parenting™. There are case histories and examples of co-parents who have successfully used this approach. You will learn how to use Enlightened CoParenting in your unique family situation and with children of every age and stage of development. 

In Module 4 we will learn about the Family Resilience Framework and how to cultivate emotional intelligence in ourselves and in our children. The focus on cultivating emotional intelligence (EI) in children is a critical and integral part of the Enlightened CoParenting™ method.  EI is an ingredient that fosters resilience and the ability to have healthy relationships.  The 5 step process for cultivating EI in children is easy and a part of the course that countless individuals have told me they have found the most fulfilling because they come to understand the steps to take to cultivate emotional intelligence in their child and learn how using emotionally intelligent principals in parenting can deepen parent-child relationships,  as well as enhance a parent's own emotional intelligence.

Module 5 is full of priceless gems and everything you need to know to improve your communication and the outcomes of your negotiation with your co-parent. These are simple techniques that will have a profound impact on the way you share and the way you listen, as well as the way you find creative strategies for both parties to walk away from the table satisfied.

Module 6 is a time for celebration.  Having mastered the Enlightened CoParenting™ model, it is your turn to focus on your own well-being and how you will emerge from divorce, healing, and living a happy and whole life.  You will rekindle your connection with your authentic self, care for that self, take time to dream, and make a plan to make your dreams a reality.

This course is information-dense but also clear, concise, and never overwhelming.  Each important point is shared through video, imagery, story, worksheets, and text.

The  Enlightened Co-Parenting™ Workbook and Journal comes with the course and helps you to both go deeper with the materials but also share what you have learned.